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Sometime I'll post something substantive, but for now, have a meme from [ profile] kivrin.

Whip out your music program, click the random button, and pick out 10 songs. Alter the name by turning it into a convoluted, wordy synonym. For example: Silent Night = Nocturnal Time Completely Lacking Noise. When someone guesses the title correctly, italicize the convoluted one and put the real title and the person who figured it out.

1. A Song Pertaining to An Oft-Mythologized New Testament Figure

2. No Reason Not To Engage In Rhythmic Motion Accompanied by Music Might as well Dance, Patty Larkin, guessed by [ profile] kivrin

3. At Any Time that the Person Addressed Is Prepared Whenever You're Ready, guessed by [ profile] greyhoundliz - Mary Chapin Carpenter, though, not JT.

4. The Fuel or the Surface Upon Which this Track-Bound Conveyance Proceeds

5. A Petition Pertaining to A Person other than the Speaker

6. More Proximate to an Acceptable State Closer to fine, Indigo Girls, guessed by [ profile] jain

7. This Planet Will Not Be Reducing its Speed.

8. It is Forbidden to Direct One’s Vehicle in a Counter-Clockwise Direction in a Certain Mid-Atlantic State No Left Turns in Jersey, Eddie from Ohio, guessed by [ profile] jain

9. The Diurnal Period Prior to The Current One Hard Day's Night, Beatles, guessed by [ profile] tx_cronopio and [ profile] jain

10. The Speaker is a Particular Tusked, Ocean-Dwelling Mammal I am the Walrus, Beatles, guessed by [ profile] tx_cronopio and [ profile] jain
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