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....It's been a while. Probably because my life, while generally pleasant, has not been full of tales to tell.

Quickly, then:

Things that are good:

1. a lovely evening yesterday spent with our friend J, age 2.5, and her lovely parents N and A. Good food, quality entertainment (both in the form of J, the Happiest Child Ever, and of quality television after J went to bed), relaxed environment.

2. N and A lent us a spare Region 2 DVD player OMG! We can has the new BBC Hamlet!1!!

3. [ profile] kivrin's delicious, decadent eggplant casserole (we used Tofurky Italian sausage).

4. making plans to see friends and family.

5. the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Read [ profile] kivrin's review (contains spoilers).

6. my new, gloriously warm down jacket, a belated Hanukah present from my parents.

7. Hustle , the best caper-themed TV show I've found. Clever but not overly serious, full of extremely talented and engaging actors, the show is pure fun.

Things that are less good, from the serious to the trivial:

1. [ profile] kivrin's grandmother's continued and accelerating decline.

2. the utter silence from potential employers, including a few positions I really wanted and thought I was qualified for.

3. my overwhelming desire to hibernate during this cold weather.

4. my recent extreme sedentary habits, related to number 3 above.

5. that my pint of half-and-half has gone sour with most of it remaining. I just want a bit for my coffee in the morning, is that too much to ask?


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