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I've fallen into the trap of not posting because nothing seems momentous enough to justify breaking the long silence - random links, moods, etc. are mostly on Facebook these days. But this just seemed appropriate for LJ.

Yesterday [ profile] kivrin and I were discussing the names of hypothetical cats (damned no-pets lease keeps us from having one for the time being). The trouble arises when you give a cat a name that might give it Ideas. The best/worst example I've heard: naming a cat Loki. [ profile] gaudior has also told me that her and [ profile] rushthatspeaks's cats, named Raphael and Lucien, have taken their cues from their names.

So: From the Temeraire'verse: a large, personable cat would be well named Maximus, and I do like Temeraire for a black cat, but there will be no Iskierka in our house.

I'd like a Kaylee kitty, who would be comfortable and sweet and friendly, if given to taking things apart. A Mal-cat would be entertaining - he would try to keep his dignity and fail miserably. No Zoe-cat, though - she'd be beautiful but remote, and would know too many ways to kill us.

A Lord Peter would be curious and playful - a good name for a tuxedo cat. Harriet Vane would be good for a small, quiet, dignified tortie.

A cat named for Captain Jack Harkness would be a nightmare. Even spayed, he'd keep trying to hump the furniture and possibly our shoes.

A Cordelia (Vorkosigan) cat would be wonderful. She might rearrange the furniture while we were out, but it would end up being better that way.

We agreed it's a very bad idea to name a cat for Miles Vorkosigan. I can't even imagine what would result, but I do know we don't have the insurance, or the security clearance, to deal with it.

Date: 2010-03-28 04:52 pm (UTC)
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Hahaha. I want my next kitty to be named Ace after Seven's companion. She would be feisty and smart and awesome! But I'd have to lock up anything that could even remotely be used as an explosive.


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