Mar. 28th, 2010

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I've fallen into the trap of not posting because nothing seems momentous enough to justify breaking the long silence - random links, moods, etc. are mostly on Facebook these days. But this just seemed appropriate for LJ.

Yesterday [ profile] kivrin and I were discussing the names of hypothetical cats (damned no-pets lease keeps us from having one for the time being). The trouble arises when you give a cat a name that might give it Ideas. The best/worst example I've heard: naming a cat Loki. [ profile] gaudior has also told me that her and [ profile] rushthatspeaks's cats, named Raphael and Lucien, have taken their cues from their names.

So: From the Temeraire'verse: a large, personable cat would be well named Maximus, and I do like Temeraire for a black cat, but there will be no Iskierka in our house.

I'd like a Kaylee kitty, who would be comfortable and sweet and friendly, if given to taking things apart. A Mal-cat would be entertaining - he would try to keep his dignity and fail miserably. No Zoe-cat, though - she'd be beautiful but remote, and would know too many ways to kill us.

A Lord Peter would be curious and playful - a good name for a tuxedo cat. Harriet Vane would be good for a small, quiet, dignified tortie.

A cat named for Captain Jack Harkness would be a nightmare. Even spayed, he'd keep trying to hump the furniture and possibly our shoes.

A Cordelia (Vorkosigan) cat would be wonderful. She might rearrange the furniture while we were out, but it would end up being better that way.

We agreed it's a very bad idea to name a cat for Miles Vorkosigan. I can't even imagine what would result, but I do know we don't have the insurance, or the security clearance, to deal with it.


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